6 charged after partying at ex-NFLer's home

  • Six people have been arrested for being involved in the destructive party at ex-NFL Brian Holloway's home in New York. 

    The authorities have alleged a 19-year old boy named Seth Hawk for promoting the party and supplying alcohol. Hawk, who had been charged with burglary, criminal mischief and misdemeanor offenses, used to be a homeless teen. 

    Holloway referred to this incident as being "shocking" and said pulling for Hawk could be "the thing to get him on track." He mentioned that he is going to press charges against everyone who broke the law. 

    Only four students came forward and some of the kids' parents even threatened to sue the ex-NFLer who posted the same party photos on his own site. 

    One parent said the direction of this situation is going out of control. She mentioned that she'd discipline her child but "I don't need to punish him as Brian Holloway sees fit."

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