Whitney Houston FBI files released

  • The FBI has released files from 1988 to 1999 highlighting three investigations it conducted on behalf of singer Whitney Houston.

    Houston died on February 11 last year at the age of 48, the night before the Grammy Awards. Her death was a result of accidental drowning due to cocaine use and heart disease.

    The files, which were posted online on Monday, show letters from obsessed fans as well an alleged extortion attempt in 1992.

    The FBI concluded that no crime actually occurred and that there was no evidence of criminal threats in the fan mail.

    In relation to allegations over extortion, following Houston's marriage to singer Bobby Brown in 1992, the files indicate someone considered to be a close friend and "privy to much personal information" had allegedly set out to blackmail her for a sum of $250,000 (£166,250).

    The files were released through a Freedom of Information Act request but contained no new personal details about the singer’s life.