Veteran actor Edward Herrmann dies at 71

  • Legendary Hollywood actor Edward Herrmann is no more. He was 71. The veteran actor will be remembered for playing the beloved grandfather Richard Gilmore in small screen show Gilmore Girls. He also earned praise for his role in Joel Schumacher's vampire film, The Lost Boys.  Herrmann was suffering from brain cancer and was hospitalized in intensive care unit for some weeks.  

    Lauren Graham, who happened to be Herrmann's on-screen daughter Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, described his death as a devastating blow.  Kelly Bishop, Herrmann’s on-screen wife in Gilmore Girls, also expressed her sense of shock at his demise.

    An alumnus of  Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, London, Herrmann had also brilliantly portrayed the role of US President Franklin D Roosevelt.


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