Users say rich celebs shouldn't be asking for donations for projects

  • With the website Kickstarter gaining so much of popularity, celebrities don't need to wait any longer for the studios to give them an approval. Although the website is a good platform for artists that are promising starters, users argue that celebrities with deep pockets shouldn't be asking for funding and critics say that this practice is also taking funds away from those that are not as well-known. 

    Lake Bell was one of the first people to request for $8,000 to make a short film but this year, prominent producers such as Rob Thomas have generated millions for their projects. Users have said that they believe it is wrong for rich celebrities to ask fans for that kind of cash and that it takes attention away from artists that need those funds more. 

    However, John Conway said that famous or not, sometimes celebrities can't manage to fund their own projects because the entertainment industry wouldn't always trust their ideas. Convey also said that the better known artists raise more money than those that are just starting off their careers but the unknown artists have also raised great deal of finances through the website. 

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