'Tough Love' host has an escort scandal

  • Host of the series "Tough Love" and a professional relationship expert, Steven Ward might be in trouble after being caught on tape asking for sex from an escort and webcam performer, Jenna Shea. 

    He even offered Shea a spot in the show as per the audio recording she obtained as proof. 

    Ward and VH1 have not yet commented on the issue but Deputy Editor Matt Coppa of Star Magazine said the host will face some serious issues regarding his credibility if the recording is real. He said Ward has been living with his girlfriend for six years and has admitted that he wanted to marry her. "So the fact that he's doing that, how can you take any advice from him specifically about relationships?" Coppa said. 

    Cristina Palumbo of SiriusXM said Ward should consider retiring and becoming a bona fide reality star. She said the host wouldn't get away with this and "reality television is a place for what Steven Ward is doing."

    Coppa said it is up to the team of VH1 to see what works ratings wise but "as far as relationship show and matchmaking show goes, I don't see how that can continue."

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