Thailand angered by Lady Gaga fake Rolex tweet

  • Thailand's government has complained to the United States about a tweet by pop star Lady Gaga about buying a fake designer watch in a Bangkok market.

    The capital’s sprawling street markets are known for selling replicas of famous luxury brands.

    Lady Gaga's tweet to her 24 million followers said: "I just landed in Bangkok baby! Ready for 50,000 screaming Thai monsters. I wanna get lost in a lady market and buy a fake rolex."

    Some viewed the May 23 tweet as offensive to the country’s reputation as it suggested she was easily able to purchase counterfeit goods.

    The Grammy Award-winning singer, who cancelled concerts in Indonesia and the Philippines due to threats from conservative groups, has not apologized for the tweet.

    Thailand's Commerce Ministry said it had undermined its efforts to stamp out piracy.

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