Teresa Giudice's brand should stay unaffected by her real-life drama

  • "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Guidice has encountered a lot of drama in real-life, along with her husband, Joe. 

    The couple were charged with bank fraud and not filing taxes for five years. If they are convicted, the couple could spend decades in jail. Irrespective of the outcome, experts conclude that Teresa's relationship with various brands will probably not be ruined. 

    Gabrielle Karol, a Fox Business reporter said Teresa is involved with a lot of business ventures. "She's definitely a business woman and she's a business herself."

    Karol spoke with Cliff Courtney who is at Zimmerman Advertising and according to Courtney, over the top scandals and drama is a part and parcel with Teresa's brands. Matt Coppa, Deputy Editor at Star Magazine said this news could have been destructive for most celebrities but "they are the Real Housewives, and they are known for very boorish behavior."

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