Spotify is bad for musicians

  • Despite its popularity, Spotify is bad for musicians, especially new ones. Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke as well as producer Nigel Godrich announced that they are going to be pulling their collaborative project as well as Yorke's solo release from Spotify.

    According to them, the sums are minimal and new artists barely get paid by the service. Godrich simply said that its just not right to put new artists through this streaming service. It's easy to tell why he said so.

    The Guardian calculated the amount of money that an artist would be paid by Spotify if his song manages to get one million streams. It's not nearly as much as they would make otherwise and most artists don't get near as many streams. Yorke said that the main goal of Spotify is to make sure that people love the service and ultimately pay for it. That would provide the music industry with some financial support in order to invest in new talent.