Sharon Stone's goal is to look old

  • You can't tell by looking at Sharon Stone that she's about to turn 56 next month. The star tells Shape magazine that she wouldn't want to get any kind of plastic surgery done to her face but isn't against such procedures. "If you want it, you should have it," she said. "But there are lots of doctors taking advantage of insecure people. I can't tell you how many plastic surgeons have tried to sell me a face-life...I just don't think you should run out and get crazy triple-D boobs or cut up your face when you're in your 20s."

    Moreover, unlike other stars who have personal trainers come to their residences, Stone chooses to pay 39 bucks a month for 24-Hour Fitness. 

    Stone's next step is to begin shooting for Agent X in Los Angeles and spend time with her children who come first for her. 

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