Rolling Stone magazine to glamorize suspected terrorist

  • Rolling Stone magazine's cover for it's August issue featured the face of the alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar. This had caused national anger last week but Jack Osbourne- son of Sharon Osbourne- has taken his disappointment a step further. 

    He had launched a petition on Change.org last week in order to urge the magazine to donate all profits generated from the sale of this edition to those who were affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. He has insisted that this issue is not controversial but wrong.

    "It is this kind of action that encourages other sick individuals to act out in hopes of earning notoriety or martyrdom for their cause," Osbourne wrote in the petition letter.

    He mentioned that he supported the first amendment as well as the freedom of the press but didn't approve of "glorifying suspected terrorists in this manner". According to him, it is the innocent victims who should be on the cover of the magazine instead. 

    The petition launched by him has generated more than 25,000 signatures of support but it is yet to be seen if the magazine decides to take up Osbourne's challenge. 

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