New Yorker writer steps down over false Bob Dylan quotes

  • A staff writer for the New Yorker has quit after he admitted inventing quotes by Bob Dylan in a recent book.

    Jonah Lehrer, 31, acknowledged in a statement that some quotes he used did "not exist" while others were misquoted.

    The admission came after online magazine Tablet contacted Lehrer for an in-depth piece on the quotations used in Imagine: How Creativity Works.

    Shipments of the book, which was published in March, have since been halted while the e-book version has been unlisted.

    Among the questioned quotes was one that appeared in the 1960s documentary Don't Look Back. When asked about his songs, Dylan replies, "I just write them. There's no great message."

    Lehrer claimed he had been granted access to an unedited version of No Direction Home, a documentary about Dylan by filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

    He has now admitted that he never saw the footage.