Miss New York crowned Miss America once again

  • The new Miss America of Indian heritage, Nina Davuluri will start the first day of her reign in Atlantic City. 

    The 24-year old aspires to become a doctor and is applying to medical school using the $50,000 scholarship she won as a part of the title. 

    Davuluri has succeeded Mallory Hagan who was also Miss New York and won the title in January. The organization plans on compensating the former Miss America for her shortened reign. The new Miss America expressed her happiness regarding the fact that the pageant recognizes talent and beauty of all kinds. "I'm so happy this organization has embraced diversity," she said while speaking at the first news conference after the big win. 

    Her victory led to some negative tweets about her origin but Davuluri said she has to "rise above that". She mentioned that she is "first and foremost American." 

    The new Miss America's grandmother said she cried when she saw the news. "I am very, very, happy for the girl," she said. "It was her dream and it was fulfilled." Her grandmother mentioned that she is sure her grand daughter will become a doctor if she wishes to. 

    When asked about her reaction to Davuluri wearing a bikini in the contest, given the conservative attitude of most Indians, her grandmother said, "I haven't seen any such thing. This must be all part of the competition."


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