Michelle Keegan not ready to be a mother yet

  • Michelle Keegan, who has recently played the role of a surrogate mother on Coronation Street, a British TV soap, has stated clearly that she is not really keen on becoming a mother at the moment and wants to take some time in this regard. The 25-year-old actress had to take recourse to prosthetics while essaying the role of Tina McIntyre who has been pregnant for 5 months. In the serial, she becomes the mother of twin sons.

    The media has quoted her as saying that she is fond of babies but her outlook has seen a change after she worked with a newborn. She has stated that she now thinks she may not be ready for the responsibility and will need a couple of years before she can feel confident about playing the role of a mother in her real life.

    She has been dating actor Mark Wright. Recently she pulled off a prank on her family members by sending them pictures of her artificial baby bump. Keegan reminisces how the incident had a shocking effect on her near and dear ones. Her father even advised her, over a text, to not be a stupid person in response to the photos. She has stated however that she did not send any such photo to Mark Wright.