Michael Jackson could have earned $1bn on tour

  • Experts reported that Michael Jackson could have made $1.1 billion or more if he had performed a tour and starred in a Las Vegas show before his death.

    Arthur Erk who is a public accountant and is responsible for auditing for musicians said that Jackson could have earned about $1.5 billion if he had charged a higher price for the tickets on the tour.

    Erk said that if Jackson had managed to create a Las Vegas show based on his music and completed a worldwide tour before his death, he could have earned this money but this would have been dependent only on Jackson’s 37-month long performances.

    Erk’s assumption was questioned because Jackson had never completed a tour that long. There had also been instances where Jackson had got into disputes for canceling performances. Erk said that these factors were not taken into the analysis. The accountant had also not taken into account Jackson’s lavish spending.


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