Lindsay Lohan arrested for hitting pedestrian

  • Lindsay Lohan was arrested on Wednesday after a pedestrian told police that he was hit by the actress’ car as she was driving into a hotel in New York.

    Lohan's vehicle struck a 34-year-old man in an alley. The man was later into admitted into hospital due to an injured knee.

    The man has been identified as Jose Rodriguez, a cook who was leaving his workplace at the adjacent Maritime hotel.

    According to celebrity website TMZ.com, which quoted sources at the hotel, surveillance video of the incident made it difficult to tell whether Lohan's car made contact with the pedestrian, and if so, how hard.

    The 26-year-old actress has been in and out of court, rehab and prison since a 2007 drunk driving arrest in Los Angeles when was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.

    Police arrested her as she left the Dream hotel in lower Manhattan. She was charged with a misdemeanour and released.

    A Los Angeles judge released Lohan from formal probation in March but she was told to obey all laws until 2014. A conviction in New York could lead to a violation of those conditions.