Lauren Bush Lauren collaborates with a French heiress

  • Philanthropist and grand daughter of a former president of the United States, Lauren Bush Lauren has now collaborated with Claire Courtin-Clarins, a French heiress as they are both trying to put an end to world hunger with their charities. 

    Bush Lauren said she and her new friend agree on coming up with creative ideas that would help those in need. Bush Lauren had started Feed in 2006, which sells accessories and bags amongst other things. A part of the money is donated to the United Nations World Food Program. Clarins is an ambassador as well as an artist in New York. Their collaboration will result in feeling poor children, school meals. 

    "World hunger is massive, overwhelming," Bush Lauren said. "It's discouraging. I hope what we've been able to do at Feed together with Clarins is something that is uplifting."

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