Latina actress Lupe Ontiveros dies aged 69

  • Veteran Latina actress Lupe Ontiveros, who featured in films such as As Good As It Gets and television shows like Desperate Housewives has died of lung cancer at the age of 69.

    Ontiveros died at a Los Angeles hospital on Thursday night, said her longtime friend Alex Nogales, also president of the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

    Ontiveros was born Gaudalupe Moreno in El Paso, Texas on September 17, 1942, to Mexican immigrant parents. She studied for a degree in social work at the Texas Woman's University before heading to Los Angeles to find work as an actress.

    Her first roles in the 1970s were typical of Hispanic parts, mostly maids and housekeepers. She later went on to act in shows including Charlie’s Angels and Hill Street Blues.

    Apart from acting, Ontiveros also campaigned for issues such as HIV/AIDS prevention, women's health problems and rights for people with disabilities.

    Ontiveros is survived by her husband and three sons.