Kristin Chenoweth said she suffers from asthma

  • Kristin Chenoweth finally revealed that she suffers from asthma. The actress mentioned that she noticed the problem after 9/11 and had been getting sick but couldn't figure out what was happening to her. 

    "It was only after going to L.A. to do Bewitched, and The West Wing that I really got sick," she said. "But I wasn't diagnosed with asthma. It wasn't until I was doing the television series Pushing Daises that my doctor in Oklahoma diagnosed me."

    The doctor asked her to carry an inhaler all the time and the diagnosis changed her life. 

    "I was onstage, literally in the second act in a pretty dramatic scene, I can literally feel it coming on, and I remember thinking, 'How am I going to deal with it? How am I going to get my breath? How am i going to get offstage? How am I going to get to my inhaler?' Luckily I found a spot where it would make sense for me to exit and my dresser was there with an inhaler." 

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