Kim Kardashian West Robbery in Paris

  • Suspects under Formal Investigation in Paris

    January 13, 2017: As per latest reports, four suspects have been placed for investigation for the robbery that took place in Paris.

    The charges against the suspects range from armed robbery to abduction, and having criminal association. The suspects are Marceau B, 64; Yunice A, 63; Florus H, 44; and Gary M, 27.

    Yunice A has been charged of robbing Kardashian West at gunpoint. The others are charged of helping and assisting the theft.

    Kardashian West's jewelry of €9m (£8m; $9.5m) was stolen. During a raid on Monday an estimated €300,000 was recovered by police.


    Old-timers among the Suspects in Paris

    January 11, 2017: According to reports, the suspects who have been picked by the French police in Paris for theft of €9m (£8m; $9.5m) jewelery from Kim Kardashian West are some of the seasoned criminals.

    72-year-old of Algerian descent, Pierre B was detained on the Cote d'Azur on Monday. Three suspects who were arrested in Paris are in their sixties, and other two are aged 70.

    One of the men in his sixties, arrested in the eastern suburb of Vincennes, is described as the mastermind of the hotel robbery.

    The suspects who were initially arrested have been released, which included Kardashian West's chauffeur during Paris Fashion Week, Michael Madar, who is 40-years-old. However, his brother is still in the custody.

    The arrests were made on the basis of the statements of the witnesses, Kardashian West herself and her night-watchman, where they said that the robbers were men of a certain age range.

    The suspects who were picked up have long police records of armed robbery and counterfeiting.


    French Police Picks Suspects in Paris

    As per reports, 17 suspects have been picked up by the French police for questioning over the armed robbery of Kim Kardashian West which took place last October in Paris. Police detained the group in Paris and the suburbs of Raincy and Vincenne. It happened in a police operation which started at 6 a.m. (12 a.m. ET) on Monday.

    One of the suspects was also picked in Grasse in the Alpes-Maritimes.