Kanye West allegedly hit a teenager

  • Investigations regarding Kanye West allegedly assaulting an 18-year-old are ongoing. However, a source revealed that it was the victim who sparked the incident. 

    Reports suggest that a paparazzi dogged Kim Kardashian as she went into a meeting and the teen was helping the reality TV star enter the building but started being racist towards the paparazzi while doing so. The man started yelling at her when she scolded him for his choice of words, after which she called West. 

    "At this point Kim was seriously afraid for her life," a source said. 

    The 18-year-old used the n-word while referring to West and in the end West "barely" hit him. West is already in trouble for allegedly assaulting a photographer so this incident could mean more mess for him. 

    Kardashian mentioned that the teenager threatened her and she wants to file a police report of her own. 

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