Julia Roberts' texts to half sister were quite chilly

  • Sad stories about Julia Roberts' bad relationship with her half-sister Nancy Motes still haven't been exhausted and text messages between the two have recently been revealed for an upcoming documentary on Motes. 

    Radar notes that the authenticity of the texts remain unconfirmed but you can read them right here:

    Roberts: "If you plan on seeing Mom in the next 2 weeks you should go in the next hour. Thanks," texted Roberts in November 2013, while their mother was presumably in the hospital fighting breast cancer.

    Motes: "We're heading to see her now. Thanks."

    Roberts: "Please be gone by 3:30." Roberts, a week later: "We will text you when Mom’s surgery is scheduled."

    Motes: "Mom asked me to come to the hospital. I’m coming."

    Roberts: "She is asleep. She has to get an x ray and isn’t even admitted to the hospital yet. She is only allowed 1 person with her."

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