Jennifer Lopez to set up Latino mobile store chain

  • Jennifer Lopez is to set up a chain of 15 mobile phone shops in the United States catered for the Latino market.

    The singer and actress is a majority owner of Viva Movil as well as the brand’s face and "chief creative officer".

    The company has pledged to give customers a "culturally relevant" experience with bilingual staff.

    "Latinos need a place to go and they need to be catered to because it is such a growing, growing demographic and market and people want to capture that, and they deserve to be catered to," Lopez said in an interview.

    Viva Movil will be an authorized seller of products available on the Verizon network, which includes monthly plans on devices such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

    The first store will open in New York on June 15 followed by others in Miami and Los Angeles.

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