Jennifer Lopez makes a splash at Premios Juventud Awards

  • Jennifer Lopez got the party started at the 2013 Premios Juventud Awards in Miami this Thursday. Pitbull joined the singer on stage and the two splashed into the pool at the end with the same energy that they had started the performance with. Lopez was presented with the World Icon award later in the show. As reported by The Huffington Post, JLo mentioned that she is very fortunate to have been there that night. "What I have always wanted to do with my life is to create, sing, dance, act and entertain; and be a good person," she said. "I accept this award with a humility and I am enormously grateful."

    Pitbull won the Urban Artist award and thanked his family as well as the public. "To the public, thank you," he said. "Without you there would be no Pitbull... Latinos pa'lante, pa'arriba, no mire para atras ni para impulso. Dale."

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