James Cameron sued by British over Avatar

  • Hollywood director James Cameron has been slapped with a $50-million lawsuit by British artist Roger Dean over claims he copied ideas for his blockbuster Avatar.

    Dean, who graduated from London’s Royal College of Art in 1968, filed a legal action in New York last week.

    He has accused Cameron of "wilful and deliberate copying, dissemination and exploitation" of his work.

    Avatar, released in 2009, won three Academy Awards for best art direction, best cinematography and best visual effects.

    The 3D film made more than $2.8 billion internationally, making it the highest grossing film of all time.

    The film is set on the alien planet of Pandora and features computer generated surroundings of floating islands and tropical tree-dwellings.

    Dean claims Cameron had "studied and referenced his art in preparation for the film…The similarities of each such work are substantial, continuing, and direct so as to rule out any accidental copying or similarity in scenes common to the genre."

    Cameron has repeatedly stated that he first came up with the concept of Avatar in 1995.

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