Important part of film history discovered

  • A contractor found treasure in an old barn in New Hampshire; out of the seven reels of film that he found, four were thought to have been lost. The contractor has donated the reels to the Keene State College Film Archives. 

    One of them called "Their First Misunderstanding" was filmed in 1911 and features Mary Pickford, the silent movie star who had only been known as "Little Mary" in movies prior to the movie. 

    Experts said the discovery "fills an important gap" since the silent movie star was associated with Independent Moving Picture Co. for a short period of time. This newly discovered movie was her first with IMP; its story revolves around a newly wed couple's first fight and also stars her then-husband Owen Moore. 

    Despite of slight bumps in action, experts said a significant amount of footage was not lost. 

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