Half-sister blames Julia Roberts in her suicide note

  • Julia Roberts' half-sister left a suicide note behind and blamed Roberts' of driving her to commit suicide. Nancy Motes also dedicated a page to her mother and one to her fiancé John Dilbeck in order to apologize to him. Dilbeck's brother Conner took to Facebook to talk about Roberts, who he said has "done everything in her power to Ruin her and my brothers lives."

    Motes has been talking about her bad relationship with Roberts for a long time, claiming she didn't let her see their ill mother and hated on her weight issues. The New York Post reported that Roberts wasn't happy about the interviews and wondered if Motes was making up stories for money. 

    "Nancy wanted the Truth to come out and she was Willing to Die to get her point across," Conner Dilbeck wrote. 

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