Governor blocks comedian's Senate 'bid'

  • South Carolina's governor has closed the door on appointing Stephen Colbert to the U.S Senate.

    Nikki Haley is to name a successor to replace Senator Jim DeMint, who resigns at the end of the yearto join the conservative Heritage Foundation.

    Haley playfully ended the comedian's latest political aspirations because he did not know that the state drink is milk.

    Colbert, a South Carolina native, has fronted and began vying for the Senate seat after DeMint's announcement last week.

    Colbert plays a conservative pundit on his cable show The Colbert Report.

    During the show on Thursday, Colbert urged his fans to push for his bid via Twitter.

    "You want somebody young, somebody conservative, somebody from South Carolina, maybe somebody who had a super PAC," Colbert said.

    Thousands of messages were subsequently sent to Haley’s official Twitter account.

    She responded on Facebook, writing: "But you forget one thing, my friend. You didn't know our state drink. Big, big mistake."

    Haley was referring to her April appearance on Colbert's show, during which the host could not name milk as the official state drink.