Finalists of The Voice barred from using Twitter by Jessie J

  • Jessie J, one of the globally popular singers and songwriters from the UK, has instructed the finalists of The Voice, a reality television show focusing on singing talents in the country, to stop using Twitter. The main reason behind this is the fact that she wants them to focus only on the show.

    The pop star is of the opinion that Sarah Cassidy, Ash Morgan and Matt Henry, the finalists of the show, are being very distracted owing to the fame coming their way thanks to their presence on the show. The 25-year-old singing sensation has also cut off links with them on social networking as she has been put off by their usage of the social media site.

    The media has quoted Jessie J as saying that she has conveyed her opinions to the new singers and asked them not to be there so much on the micro blogging site as the frequency of their tweets is pushing her tolerance levels in a way. She has also stated that she has told them that twitter users represent only 10 per cent of the world and, thus, not the whole picture. She has asked them to concentrate on the job at hand and not let anything distract them.