Eliot Spitzer on Jay Leno's show

  • Jay Leno's show has helped candidates in launching surprising campaigns in the past. Judging by the Arnold Schwarzenegger's announcement on this show regarding his run for California governor as well as by the first television appearance made by Hugh Grant on the show after his arrest with a prostitute, it doesn't come as a surprise that Eliot Spitzer, who had resigned as New York's governor due to a scandal regarding prostitution, chose to express his views on this show.

    He said that he'd like to contribute through public service and that the Controller's position is one from which he could actually do the same. On his show, Leno admired the work that Spitzer had done as attorney general by going after Wall Street and then referred to his prostitution scandal asking him as to how he could have made such a blunder. Spitzer also said that Wall Street desperately wanted him to lose given his work as attorney general.