China wants Kimmel to mean the apology

  • China is asking ABC for an apology yet again for the inappropriate Jimmy Kimmel skit. China wants the network to be sincere and actually mean it this time. 

    ABC has already issued three apologies after the skit, which aired on Oct. 16 and showed a child suggesting that the way to end the debt problem in America is to kill everyone in China. 

    A foreign Ministry spokesman in China said this incident "goes against the media's social responsibility" and the network should "face up to its mistake and respond with a sincere attitude to the reasonable demands by Chinese people in America, and prevent a similar incident from occurring again."

    Although, Kimmel has apologized already, more attention has been paid to a clip showing his reaction when asked about a potential lawsuit. He mentioned that they'd be wasting their money by suing him since "in America we have the freedom of the press."

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