Captain America is the first summer blockbuster of the year

  • Chris Evans' Captain America is back with plenty of action, which appears to be better than the 2011 version. The movie also stars Robert Redford and Scarlett Johansson and critics agree that the film is pleasing. 

    "This is the first Marvel Studios movie since the original Iron Man that really stands on its own," Adam Nayman of the Globe and Mail said. He applauded the directors for "tweaking this sequel to play more like a cloak-and-dagger thriller than a special effects blowout."

    Moreover, Joe Morgenstern of the WSJ writes that everything wrong with the previous movie has been fixed and "Evans makes Captain America such a likable guy, as well as an old-school patriot, that he put me in mind of a very-old fashioned word to describe him. He's doughty. In a movie that deserves him."

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