Bon Jovi slashes price of concert tickets for recession-hit Spanish fans

  • US rockers Bon Jovi have cut the price for a concert in recession-hit Spain in order for fans to be able to buy tickets, the band’s publicist revealed on Thursday.

    Tickets for the June 27 concert have been priced at $23-$50 to cover costs.

    In comparison, tickets for the Stuttgart dates of Because We Can: The Tour cost $100.

    Lead singer, 51-year-old Jon Bon Jovi, told El Mundo newspaper that Madrid had initially not been included on the list of venues over fears that ticket sales would be hit due to an ongoing recession and high unemployment.

    "We didn't want to let down fans that have supported us for 30 years in a country that I love," he told the paper.

    Tickets for the concert have already sold out.

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