Beyonce admits to inauguration miming

  • Singer Beyonce has admitted she mimed during her rendition of the American national anthem at the inauguration of President Barack Obama last month.

    She told reporters that she was a "perfectionist", adding that due to lack of rehearsal time "did not feel comfortable taking a risk".

    "I wanted to make him (Obama) and my country proud, so I decided to sing along with my pre-recorded track."

    The songstress opened the press conference in New Orleans by asking reporters to stand before performing a live rendition of the national anthem.

    Millions tuned in to watch Obama sworn in for his second term in office on January 21.

    Beyonce’s performance of the Star Spangled Banner was one of the highlights of the ceremony but reports suggested the singer had recorded her vocal.

    When asked by reporters about her upcoming half-time Superbowl performance, she insisted she would be singing live on Sunday during one of the most-watched television events in the United States.

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