Angelina Jolie has double mastectomy

  • Angelina Jolie revealed on Tuesday she has undergone a double mastectomy in order to limit the likelihood of getting breast cancer.

    The Hollywood actress opened up about the procedure in an article, titled "My Medical Choice", in the New York Times.

    The mother of six said her doctors believed she had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer.

    She wrote: "…the truth is I carry a 'faulty' gene, BRCA1, which sharply increases my risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer…I decided to be proactive and to minimize the risk as much I could.”

    Jolie, 37, said the process began in February and was completed last month.

    She added that her partner, Brad Pitt, had hailed her decision as "absolutely heroic".

    In the article, Jolie went on to describe her mother’s ten-year battle with cancer. Jolie’s mother died aged 56.

    One in five women diagnosed with breast cancer is likely to have a significant family history of the disease

    Jolie said her chances of developing breast cancer were now down to 5 percent.

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