Amanda Bynes being held for mental evalutation

  • Amanda Bynes has been hospitalized for mental evaluation after she reportedly set fire in California. This 5150 hold, which Bynes is being held on is an involuntary hospitalization for the analysis of mental health. This happened after an investigation of a recent incident in Thousand Oaks in Avenida De Log Arboles. The sheriff's office said that the former child star met the criteria of 5150 and was detained.

    This involuntary hospitalization can last for up to 72 hours and it happened as a result of Bynes starting a fire in a driveway of a home, as reported by Fox News. The actress was also caught trespassing at a retirement community during the same week, as per TMZ. People at the retirement community had reportedly called a cab for Bynes but the star stepped out of the car after realizing that she didn't have any money with her. The management, then called the cops. 

    Bynes has been on famous shows in her initial years as a child star but she has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. 


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