Aerosmith scrap plans for Indonesian concert

  • Aerosmith have cancelled a concert in Jakarta over safety concerns, a concert promoter confirmed on Sunday.

    The US rock band, who were set to play in the Indonesian capital next weekend, issued a statement apologising to fans.

    "We... hope one day we can make it up to them," read the statement posted on the Facebook page of concert promoter Ismaya Live.

    "They gave no specific reasons for the cancellation," according to spokeswoman Sarah Deshita.

    "We did all we could to ensure security was tight and even engaged the marines but it's not enough," she added.

    Around 85 percent of the tickets for the concert had been sold.

    Last year, Lady Gaga cancelled a concert in Jakarta due to security concerns following protests by Islamic groups.

    Police in Indonesia had urged the singer to tone down her performance but her management chose to cancel the dates instead.

    Singer Rihanna also pulled out of concerts in the city in 2008 and 2009.

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