16 and Pregnant actually reduced teen births

  • MTV's 16 and Pregnant goes against what people's general perceptions about the show might be. A recent study showed that it has actually reduced teen pregnancies by 6 percent. It has been found that in areas where teenagers watched the show, the rate of such pregnancies has reduced more rapidly as compared to other areas. 

    "The assumption we're making is that there's no reason to think that places where more people are watching more MTV in June 2009, would start seeing an excess rate of decline in the teen birthrate, but for the change in what they are watching," a researcher said. 

    Another interesting finding as a result of the study shows that postings on social media and searches on the Internet regarding contraception increased while the show was being aired. Viewers of the show have mentioned that the difficulties of being a teen parent are portrayed on 16 and Pregnant. 

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