Wide income gap in China

  • A survey of Chinese family wealth and living habits revealed a vast income gap in the country between top earners and people at the bottom, as reported by The New York Times.

    The survey found the top 5 percent earning as much as 23 percent of the total household income and the households in the lowest category earned only 0.1 percent of the same. The survey highlighted economic challenges and resulted in the questioning of policies that part leaders of the Communist Party have implemented. These policies have helped those in poverty but have in turn widened the gap in wealth. The survey has also revealed the vast unemployment rate in China as well as the change in the number of couples that live together before marriage. The main results of the survey were released Wednesday. Although, it didn’t attract wide attention, there are some Chinese that have commented on the results. Accumulation of wealth by such few people has been bothering the ordinary Chinese.

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