Why are lawyers committing suicide?

  • Eight out of the 50 associates in the country are attempting to solve the matter after South Carolina saw six of its lawyers commit suicide in a span of 18 months. There have been frequent suicides in Kentucky and Oklahoma as well. 

    "It's been primarily men," head of the Kentucky's bar association said. "To a large degree, it's been trial attorneys. The men are primarily middle-aged."

    A study shows that such problems stem from law school, where many students are depressed and don't seek treatment or take a break from their careers. Moreover, their family members appear to be clueless about their happiness. "I never dreamed that I would be a widow at 58," a wife in Ohio said. "We were starting the best chapter of our lives."

    The Courier-Journal notes that imprisonment of their innocent clients and the fact that they lose out on precious time with their families probably results in them losing purpose and hope. 

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