Website to offer discounts on back-to-school clothes

  • Schoola Stitch is now offering parents a way to shop for brand name garments that have been gently-used while promising low prices, between 70 to 90 percent off retail. 

    The clothing comes from parents that ask let the website sell the clothes in exchange for 40 percent of the proceeds to their kid's school. The descriptions that accompany the items include the schools that would benefit from the purchase. Julie Verslues of Sunset Hills said this is a good way to get rid of unwanted clothes from the closet while doing something good with them. 

    The CEO of the website, Stacey Boyd said the quality of the clothing is extremely good since kids grow out their clothes faster than wearing them out. She mentioned the company goes through every single item and decides as to whether or not it should be on sale. Only those garments that are in good condition to be labeled as new are sold on the website. 

    Schoola Stitch sells everything except for socks, underwear and bathing suits for kids aged one through high school. 

    Jennifer Marx, a mother of two considers the website convenient since it has a wide collection in one place. Marx, however, advises customers to do their research and make sure the deals they are getting are good ones. According to Rachel Farmer, PTA president for the Caroline Middle School in Bowling Green, Va., this is the easiest fundraiser. 

    No one is expecting this website to replace other fundraising efforts because of the need being great. 

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