Waitress receives huge tip from cracker barrel customers

  • A waitress at Cracker Barrel in Nebraska received a $100 tip the other day but the amount was nothing as compared to the $6K checks left behind by customers. 

    The customers wanted to meet the grumpiest waitress at the restaurant and wanted to make her laugh. However, the hostess mentioned that there wasn't any such grumpy worker and introduced them to their happiest one, which happened to be an 18-year-old girl. 

    Abigail Sailors had a painful childhood story and had spent time at an abusive foster home before moving back with her father, who was abusive as well and later arrested. Sailors and her sister finally moved in with a lovely family who took them in. "I don't know how I would have turned out If I didn't have them," she said. "They shaped the person I am today."

    She mentioned that she was happy irrespective of the tough situations and studied hard in North dakota. The men were clearly impressed and left her big checks for whatever it was she needed. Abigail tried to thank them but they asked her to "Thank God" instead. 

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