Victoria's Secret workers win fight for better pay

  • Alexis, who worked at the Victoria's Secret store in New York City was fed up of the low pay and inconsistent hours without given any chance for advancement. She was making $9.93 an hour and wanted to protest the same way as many of the Walmart and McDonald's employees have been since November 2012. 

    Hence, she and three other experienced workers at the store sent their manager a demand letter, which went without a response. The workers, then started a campaign and won the support of a 100 people at work as well as a 100 more on change.org. 

    The management fired back as the campaign started to work. "They started treating us differently," Alexis said. However, the workers didn't back down. 

    The number of signatures on the petition on change.org had increased to 800 in August and then the company finally agreed to increasing raises for all workers in the flagship New York store located in the Herald Square. 

    Workers got raises depending on their level of experience. Alexis began to be paid 20 percent more. 

    Despite the win, Alexis has joined a nonprofit organization and has quit her job at Victoria's Secret. She said she believes the changes have made things better. 

    "People are much happier to come to work."

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