USDA investigating claim Sysco kept meat in sheds

  • An investigation by NBC Bay Area last year discovered that the largest food distributor in the world, Sysco, was storing raw meat, produce and dairy in unrefrigerated areas in Canada and the U.S. The reports suggest that food was left inside sheds for up to five hours before being taken out for delivery; the outside temperatures hit 81 degrees. 

    A local meat trade association complained to the USDA after viewing the NBA report and USDA is now known to be investigating the claim.

    According to sources, the food stored inside the unrefrigerated sheds was part of the small and not-profitable orders. Experts have been concerned for years about the lack of enforcement over the condition of the food before it's delivered to the consumer. "Nobody knows what conditions it's being shipped under," one expert said. 

    Sysco mentioned that it has stopped using sheds in order to store food and is cooperating with the investigations. 

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