United Airlines accidentally offered free flights

  • For a while, United Airlines offered free (or close to it) flights to people. Some passengers said they bought tickets for $5 to $10 right before the company fixed the error. It had to close the booking on its website as well as on phone centers to prevent this from happening. 

    Such incidents are not new and have happened when companies have forgotten to enter a digit while entering the amounts into the system. That is what could happened in this case as well. 

    Official said it had mistakenly filed some fares for no cost but the airport charges must have applied when people saw that small cost for the fares. Reports suggest that there was no error with the website but the issue lied in the filling of the fares. 

    The company doesn't know if the tickets sold at the unusually low cost would be honored. One woman in Houston bought a ticket for a $5 round-trip and decided to surprise her parents the same day. She checked-in and got her boarding pass soon after booking the ticket. 

    "This is nuts," she said. 

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