Trader Joe's loses battle against its big spending customer

  • Trader Joe's lost a battle against a Canadian customer who sells the store's goods at his "Pirate Joe's" store. 

    A judge in Washington ruled that Michael Hallatt wasn't harming the chain since he was paying full retail price for all the items. The company, which is not present in Canada complained that this Vancouver resident is misleading customers and said he hurt its business since many of the customers at the store where he buys products are Canadian. 

    Hallatt said he started reselling Trader Joe's goods since he's a big fan of the store and would give up doing so if its brought to Canada. "We'd prefer it if they just opened in Vancouver, put everybody out of their misery," he said. "In the meantime, I'm here to supply Vancouverites with products that they're asking me to bring in."

    Hallatt is now not allowed inside the store and has to send other people to buy the goods; he used to spend $5,000 each week at a store in Washington DC. 

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