Toyota looking to introduce a hybrid version of Etios

  • Toyota Motor Corporation, which happens to be the biggest car manufacturing company of the world, is looking to bring out a hybrid version of its Etios series of cars. The main aim behind this is to cater to the increasing requirements of its clients in this segment. For this purpose it is also looking at the way the hybrid cars are being made in different parts of the world like India. In India, at present, there is a National Electricity Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 in operation and this has left a number of companies dealing in car making wondering over what options they have when it comes to hybrid and electric variants.

    The NEMMP 2020 has put in place a subsidy plan that is good enough for the car making companies. As per this plan, there is a direct subsidy being provided for the ex-showroom value of both electric cars as well as the hybrid ones. This is supposed to be a major motivation for major car makers in that country like Mahindra as well. Mahindra, on its part, has already developed the E20. At present Toyota Kirloskar Motor, which is the Indian subsidiary of Toyota, is performing some feasibility studies so as to gather up hybrid models in the country.