Tim Armstrong publically fired creative director

  • The chairman and chief executive of AOL, Tim Armstrong reportedly fired a creative director in the middle of a conference call. 

    He is said to have fired him while talking business strategy with employees of the company's Patch.com. Armstrong interrupted his conversation to tell Abel Lenz that he needs to put the camera down and that he's fired. 

    The employee's LinkedIn profile identifies him as the company's creative director. He hasn't responded to any messages seeking comment. 

    Some bosses might think that publicly firing their employees would make them come across as decisive but a senior partner with Shaffer Consulting, Ron Ashkenas said that is not an efficient way to establish reputation. He said doing so could make the rest of the employees fear for their jobs and prevent them from taking risks. 

    There have been a number of such instances where public firings have gone viral. In case of Yahoo, there was a debate over whether or not it is appropriate to fire someone by phone. 

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