Tianjin explosions in China

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    China blasts: Death toll rises to 135

    Aug 25, 2015 - The death toll in the deadly blasts that rocked the Chinese city of Tianjin has risen to 135. Media reports quoted the authorities as saying that 38 people were still missing in the blasts that occurred at a warehouse in the city. All of the dead have been identified. These include seven policemen, 81 firefighters and 47 other people, while four policemen, 23 firefighters and 11 other people are accounted as missing. Around 582 people are hospitalized and of these, 36 are in a serious condition.

    Tianjin blasts: Fish deaths at site of explosion under investigation

    Aug 21, 2015 - Photographs showing dead fish floating on the surface of the River Hai created panic among people that military clean up teams failed to prevent chemical leaking out from the site of the explosions in the Chinese city of Tianjin. However, the Chinese authorities have said that the deaths of the fish are not linked to the explosions. Media reports quoted authorities as saying that 40 types of chemicals were being stored at the warehouse, which was at the centre of the explosions: however, no toxic levels of cyanide have been found in the river during the tests that were conducted on Thursday afternoon. At least 114 people were killed in the explosions.

    Tianjin explosions: Firm did not have license to handle dangerous chemicals

    Aug 18, 2015 - The firm whose warehouses exploded in the Chinese city of Tianjin last week ago did not have the license to handle dangerous chemicals until two months ago. According to media reports, at least 114 people were killed and around 700 injured in the deadly blasts. Meanwhile, ceremonies were held in the city and people gathered in silence to honor those who had died in the blasts. 

    Aug 17, 2015 - The Tianjin explosions in China have affected carmakers’ production with Toyota and John Deere saying that they will stop work at plants that are located near the city. Media reports stated that more than 100 people have been killed in the explosions. While John Deere has suspended work indefinitely, Toyota will be halting its production till the end of Wednesday. Renault said that its car deliveries in the country would slump in the months of August and September. Around 1,500 of its imported cars were destroyed in the blasts.


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