This is how you could avoid being hired by gays

  • Considering that business owners are being forced to provide their services at gay weddings, David Benkof of Daily Called offered some suggestions: One of them being that a religious caterer should tell all the guests that it's not a real wedding. 

    "If same-sex couples learn more traditionally-minded contractors are prepared to do just that if compelled to work the event, their gay bookings will dry up quickly - which is precisely the point," he writes. "Gay couples who don't want to their weddings ruined will have to find a vendor who doesn't object to same-sex marriage."

    Erin Gloria Ryan of Jezebel suggested that gays have a similar tactic: "Refrain from being friends with these people, or even socially interacting with them at all. Shun 'em." Moreover, if they absolutely cannot avoid the interaction, they could try handwriting and mention something like "even though we strongly disagree about homosexuality" on any holiday cards that they may have to give them.

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