Theresa May set 'to discuss trade' with Turkey

  • British Prime Minister Theresa May has arrived in Turkey and is set to discuss a post-Brexit trade deal with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The prime minister had earlier met US President Donald Trump in Washington.

    A new trade relationship follows the UK's exit from the European Union. According to May's spokeswoman, the PM is likely to discuss security as well.

    It comes as what was predicted by Brexit Secretary David Davis. Davis signalled a "series of global trade deals" that would be "fully negotiated" within one to two years of UK leaving the EU.

    May’s talks with Turkey will emphasize on promoting trade ties between Turkey and Britain once the UK leaves the European Union. Also the focus will be on increasing cooperation over security and counterterrorism.

    This is May’s first visit to Turkey since she became prime minister. There is a tremendous pressure at Britain to condemn Turkey’s clampdown on civil liberties since the government crushed a coup attempt in July.